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Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead, byname the Dead, American musical crew that was the manifestation of the improvisational hallucinogenic music that blossomed in and around San Francisco during the 1960s.

Grateful Dead was one of the best visiting groups in rock history notwithstanding having had practically no radio hits. The first individuals were lead guitarist and performer Jerry Garcia (b. August 1, 1942, San Francisco, California, U.S.- d. August 9, 1995, Forest Knolls, California), guitarist and performer Bob Weir (b. October 16, 1947, San Francisco), console player Ron (“Pigpen”) McKernan (b. September 8, 1945, San Bruno, California-d. Walk 8, 1973, San Francisco), bassist Phil Lesh (b. Walk 15, 1940, Berkeley, California), and drummer Bill Kreutzmann (additionally called Bill Sommers; b. May 7, 1946, Palo Alto, California). 

Later individuals included drummer Mickey Hart (b. September 11, 1943, Long Island, New York, U.S.), console player Tom Constanten (b. Walk 19, 1944, Longbranch, New Jersey, U.S.), console player Keith Godchaux (b. July 19, 1948, San Francisco-d. July 21, 1980, Marin province, California), performer Donna Godchaux (b. August 22, 1947, San Francisco), and console player and entertainer Brent Mydland (b. October 21, 1952, Munich, West Germany [now in Germany]-d. July 26, 1990, Lafayette, California). Shop grateful dead Shirt here

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Grateful Dead History

Choosing their name in late 1965, Grateful Dead combine from container groups and performers in the San Francisco region in the mid 1960s. In their past manifestation as the Warlocks, they had performed at author Ken Kesey’s Acid Tests-sound-and-light festivals of the hallucinogenic experience created by the psychedelic drug LSD (lysergic corrosive diethylamide, or “corrosive”). Surprisingly varied their experiences going from electronic investigations and jazz to twang, blues, and society the Dead given a critical piece of the free unrecorded music filling San Francisco throughout 1967’s Summer of Love, when the city turned into a magnet for flower child gen X-ers.

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